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REQUEST!: Football Bulk Up by spike4646
REQUEST!: Football Bulk Up
This sketch is actually a request for two people: :icongresh5060: and :iconjazzty:. I was looking through the requests on my request page this morning for inspiration and saw both of your requests, and was inspired to draw this! I know the concept in story is a little bit out there, but I hope you guys like it :)

Jake (Guy on the left): (Encouragingly) Come on big guy, you’re almost there! Drink up!

Sam (Fat guy): (Lets out a satisfied groan)

A.J. (Guy on the right): Jeez Jake, he’s more than doubled in size, I’ve never seen anyone that large! I can’t believe he’s still going!

Jake: That’s cause he doesn’t realize how big he’s gotten.

A.J.: What’s that suppose to mean?

Jake: I hypnotized him before you got here, so he only believes and does whatever I say. And right now he still thinks he’s all slim and trim, but he's hungry as f*ck! Ain’t that right Samy-boy?

Sam: (Mumbles in agreement)

A.J.: Huh. I can’t believe that sort of stuff really works.

Jake: You’d be surprised.

A.J.: Anyways, maybe we oughta finish up and get him dressed. Football practice starts in 10 minutes, and it’s definitely gona take us a while to squeeze him back into his football uniform now that he’s this huge!

Jake: Aw come on A.J., who cares if we’re a bit late? That bench he’s sitting on looks like it’s about to give in any second now. One more tub and he'll be so huge, he’s bound to break it!

A.J.: (Chuckles) You’re really into this, aren’t you Jake. Why do you even want him so big anyways?

Jake: 'Cause he called me fat. 

A.J.: (Laughs) Is that it? I thought it was some kind of fetish or something.

Jake: Shut up and bring me another tub.

A.J.: (Jokingly) He’s kinda right you know. You are looking a little pudgier this season.

Jake: Careful what you say there, fatty.

A.J.: (Walking over to the other tubs of lard) Hey who callin’ a fatty? I’m the only one with abs here!

Jake: …Who says I didn’t hypnotize you too? Maybe you just think you’re skinny, but you’re actually even bigger than Sam.

A.J.: Stop joking around Jake, that isn't funny. (Grabs a tub of lard) Huh? This one’s empty. (Looks back at Jake) I coulda swore he only drank one tub.

Jake: (Lifts an eyebrow and smirks devilishly at A.J.)

A.J.: …You’re kidding.

Jake: Maybe. Maybe not. You did call me fat though.

A.J.: Dude this isn’t funny. Am I huge right now or not!?

Jake: Why don’t you come sit down on the bench with Sam and find out? There’s plenty of lard to go around!

**Request Page Link: Request Page!

CONTEST: When Your Fat Friends Invite You To Sushi by spike4646
CONTEST: When Your Fat Friends Invite You To Sushi
This is a cool idea I've had for a follow up to a really old pic of mine called Frat Boys. If you recall, these two frat guys had gotten drunk and somehow wound up gaining a ton of weight. Not only does this new sketch explain how they gained weight, but it also shows what happened to them afterwards.

Also, I just wanted to thank you all for your awesome support, and for helping me reach 100k page views on DeviantART last week! In order to thank you guys, I thought I would throw a small contest. The contest explanation and rules will be below the story.


XXX (skinny guy): (On his cell phone) Hey man, are you guys almost here?

Tommy (fat guy on the right in the picture): We just got in the restaurant. Sorry we're late!

XXX: No worries, I'm on the table in the far back.

Tommy: Sounds good, we'll be right there!

XXX had been invited to a sushi restaurant by his old high school friends Tommy and Brad (guy on the left in the picture). The last time he saw them they were the most ripped jocks on their school's football team. As he waited for his friends, he started to hear loud thumping noises coming from inside the restaurant. As the thumping got closer, he started feeling the floor and table shake more and more.

Tommy: (From far) Sorry for the wait XXX, we're finally here!

XXX: (Looking up at his friend, stunned) ...Tommy!? Is that you?

Tommy: Yup. Long time no see, how ya been buddy?

As Tommy and Brad waddled over to the table, XXX realized that the thumping was coming from their steps.

XXX: Holy shit, what happened to you guys!?

Brad: (Finally reaching the table) Eh you know, same old same old. Mind if we take a seat on the booth with you? I doubt we could find a chair that fits in here!

XXX: (Blushing) N-no, not at all!

Tommy and Brad made their way to either side of the booth. Because both the booth and the table were screwed to the floor, they had a hard time squeezing into the narrow seat. After a few minutes of wiggling and shuffling around, they finally managed to fit as best they could. XXX on the other hand was so squeezed in between their squishy bodies that he could hardly move.

Brad: So how's it going little man? You look a lot smaller than the last time we saw you!

XXX: I didn't get smaller! It's you guys that, well...

Tommy: (Proudly) Got fat? I know right? The frat life has been treating us GOOD!

Brad: Yeah, just look at this belly. (Lifts up his shirt) I've gotten so fat, I'm sure I'll be able to clean out their kitchen tonight! You sure you're gona be able to keep up with us XXX?

XXX: I somehow doubt that.

Tommy: No worries, I came prepared. (He sets a strange looking bottle with an orange liquid on the table)

XXX: What is that?

Brad: It's called Jumbo Juice. Each sip of that makes you gain around 20 lbs.

Tommy: That's how we got as big as we did overnight! I think it also made us taller, too!

Brad: (Looking down towards XXX) So what do you say, wanna try some?

XXX: Umm... No thanks guys.

Brad: Aww come on XXX! You're blushing like crazy, I know you want some.

XXX: No really, I'm good...

Tommy: I insist!

Tommy grabs XXX's head, presses it against his moob, and forces the bottle into his mouth.

Brad: One bottle like that and you should be as big as we are. And don't worry, we've got you covered if you want some more!


**CONTEST: See the picture above? The skinny middle character's name is XXX, and he doesn't have a face. Whoever wins the contest will have his real face replace XXX's face in this picture. In addition, I will also draw the winner a second sketch, in which he will get to decide how fat he wants his character to become at the end of the night.

**RULES: In the comments below, write down the word "Jumbo Juice", followed by how many bottles you want your character to drink to gain weight (the options are "One bottle", "Two bottles", or "More bottles", each bottle being worth about 500 lbs). At the end of the week (next Sunday), I'll put all the names into a list and use a random number generator to select the winner. Afterwards I'll contact the winner, and he'll have one week to send me pictures of himself, otherwise I'll move on to another winner instead. Also because I'm still terrible at drawing women, this competition is only for guys, I'm really sorry about that :/

In any case thank you guys again! Maybe if this contest works out we can have more of these in the future :)
Construction Porkers by spike4646
Construction Porkers

**Made some very small modifications to the sketch and fixed up the story a bit. Also sorry it's late. This week was insane for me, didn't get a single chance to draw all week. I had to rush to get the entire sketch done last night!

Rick (guy on the left) had been working for a small construction company for many years. One morning, he overheard a loud telephone conversation from a nearby cubicle between his boss and a structural engineer who was in charge of designing an important project they were working on:

Boss: Oh, it's you. What is it dis time?
Boss: You want us to do what!?

At that moment, Patrick, Rick's colleague with whom he shared a tiny cubicle, returned to his desk with a stack of donut boxes in hand.

Patrick: Here you go pal, got you a couple boxes full of your favorites.

Rick: Thanks Pat, I was starving!

Boss: (Still yelling so loudly over the phone that the entire floor could hear him) Change all da beams? But we just finished installing dem!

Patrick: What's he yelling about?

Rick: It's about that big project. I think the engineers made some new changes to the design.

Patrick: (Mouth full of donuts) Again?

Engineer: Ermm... Well, it's just that we didn't expect the construction crew to be so... heavy. 
Boss: (Angry, slams the phone)

By that point, Rick had almost finished his first box of donuts. As he reached over to grab another one, his boss made a message on the intercom.

Boss: Attention! Due to a recent development in our most important project, dere will be a mandatory weigh in tomorrow morning. All construction staff are requested to be present!!

Rick, who was about to take a bite of the last donut from the first box, paused and looks down at his belly.

Rick: ...Hey Patrick. How long have you and I been working here?

Patrick: Um, since we were 23?

Rick: So like, 10 years?

Patrick: Something like that. Why?

Rick: Do you think that, maybe... we're getting fat?

Patrick: (Looks down at his belly and grabs it with both arms) ...Nahh!

Rick: I don't know man, I feel like maybe we should ease up on the donuts.

Patrick: Aww lighten up Rick, you look fine! Now quit worrying and grab another box!

Rick: ....Well, maybe just one more box...

Touch It (STORY PIC1) by spike4646
Touch It (STORY PIC1)
This a sketch of one of the scenes of the story I'm writing. To read the story, go here:…

I'm really proud of how this sketch turned out, though I did rush a couple things just to be able to post it today. Still I hope you guys like it!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Brendon took a big sip of his protein shake as he exited the locker room on his way out of the gym. As he reached the deserted front counter, he set down his gym bag and waited for an employee to come serve him. “Be there in a sec!” yelled a familiar voice from the back room. Brendon recognized the voice to be Benny’s, a childhood friend who worked at the gym as a sales clerk. After a while, his wide frame emerged from the back room as he hurried towards the counter.

“Sorry for the wait buddy,” Benny said, “what can I get ya?”

“I need another bottle of protein, I’m all out,” Brendon answered.

“That’s your second one this month! You’re burning through those things quick Brendon!” Benny noted playfully.

“No choice man, it’s part of my diet. Gotta get buff in time for college!” Brendon said, flexing his arms.

“Maybe I should look into that diet of yours. I could afford to lose a few pounds myself.” Benny looked down at his belly and patted it affectionately. He was tall and packed with muscle, and although he had been working at the gym for years, he had definitely been letting his belly grow faster than his muscles. Yet despite gaining weight, he was so comfortable in his own skin that it hardly seemed to bother him. In fact, it almost looked like he was enjoy it.

“Would you believe me if I said I crossed 300 lbs this week?” Benny revealed, still playing with his belly.

“No way! That’s huge!” Brendon replied in excitement. For years he had watched as Benny slowly outgrew his lean jock figure, finding him more irresistible with every pound. Hearing that he had now exceeded 300 lbs made him swoon all the more.

“I know right? I never thought I’d ever get that big. Guess I should probably start hitting the treadmill, huh?”

“Nah you look great! Besides, there’s nothing wrong with giving the gut too much love.”

Benny laughed as Brendon handed him the money for the protein. He put the protein bottle in his bag, and set it around his broad shoulders carefully to avoid wrinkling the dress shirt he was wearing.

“You’re looking awfully sharp today,” Benny commented. “Doing something tonight”

“I’m invited to this fancy restaurant for my aunt and uncle’s wedding anniversary,” Brendon told him, making his way to the exit. He waved goodbye, guzzled down the rest of his protein shake, and walked out the door into the parking lot.

It was a Friday night, and the lit up streets of downtown were flooded with traffic. After circling the restaurant a few times, Brendon finally found a place to park a few blocks away from the restaurant. As he walked passed a building with large windows, he stopped a few seconds to look at his reflection. He noticed how tightly his muscles were packed into his blue dress shirt and smiled proudly before resuming his walk.

When he arrived at the restaurant, Brendon met up with his aunt who was waiting for guests at the entrance. He congratulated her and her husband Paul, apologized for arriving late, and asked if he was the last one to arrive.

“No, your uncle Christian still hasn’t shown up. Do you think you could call him and ask him where he is for me? I need to get back inside.”

“I didn’t know Uncle Chris was back in town,” Brendon said to his aunt, surprised. “Save me a seat next to him!”

The excitement in Brendon’s voice was hard to hide. Uncle Chris had been away on a business trip for months, and Brendon hadn’t seen him in what felt like forever. He thought back to the first time they met, which was 6 years ago when his aunt married Chris’s older brother Paul. Back then, Chris had just graduated college. He was young, tall, and chiselled like a Roman god. Since then however, the slower lifestyle of his office job gradually caught up to him, and he began to pack on the pounds. He was always traveling for work, and with every trip he came back slightly larger and rounder. Year after year, Brendon watched as his incredibly muscular uncle slowly ballooned into his current fat shape.

Brendon searched for his uncle’s phone number as he turned the corner and walked down the street away from the restaurant. The thought of seeing Uncle Chris even bigger than before was driving him mad. By the time Chris picked up, Brendon had wandered in front of a loud bar and could hardly hear his uncle speaking over the noise. “Hello?” he asked, but couldn’t make out a reply. He plugged his other ear with one hand and focussed on the voice. “Uncle Chris, is that you?” As he kept making his way down the noise-filled street, a hand suddenly grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him in.

“Hey, watch it buddy!” Brendon shouted as he turned around to face the person whose hand was still on his shoulder.

“Looking for me, tough guy?” the voice replied.

“…Uncle Chris?”

Brendon’s eyes widened in disbelief as starred back at the figure he saw in front of him, too stunned to answer.

“What’s the matter? I didn’t startle you, did I?” Chris asked laughingly.

“Nah… I’m just really glad to see you, that’s all!” Brendon replied.

As is finding his uncle in a random alley wasn’t weird enough, he couldn’t believe how much he’d changed. Though he was hoping that he would have gotten fatter on his trip, he never imagined in wildest dreams that he could possibly have gained as much weight as he did. Hardly any sign of his once fit figure remained. Instead, Uncle Chris now looked a lot more like a balloon, and Brendon was convinced that he must’ve gained at least a hundred pounds since the last time he saw him, now sporting fat thick legs that strained against his pants, an enormous ass, and a huge belly just begging to be jiggled.

“Me too kiddo,” Chris said, as he grabbed his nephew and hugged him tightly with both arms.

Chris had become so wide that Brendon stood no chance of wrapping his arms around him. He was overcome with infatuation at his uncle’s new gargantuan size. Nestled in his strong arms, Brendon tried as hard as he could to keep his composure. But the feeling of his body pressed against Uncle Chris’ soft belly and his face squished against his big moobs was too much for him to bear, and he felt his dick shoot up and dig into Chris’ belly.

Brendon backed up quickly, hoping his uncle hadn’t felt his boner on the bottom of his overhang. He looked up at Chris, who returned his gaze with a smirk on his face. Nervous, Brendon tried to resume the conversation as casually as he could, so as to divert attention from what had just happened.

“…So how was your trip, Uncle Chris?” Brendon mumbled, his dick still straining against his pants.

“It was great! Best part was the food. Our hotel had the best buffet I’ve ever seen. My colleagues and I spent most of the trip eating. I’ve never pigged out so badly in my life!”

“That bad, huh?”

“You should’ve seen it. I had to buy a new shirt every few days ‘cause I kept popping the buttons off!”

The conversation did nothing to help his boner. Picturing what his uncle was telling him in his mind only made his dick harder.

“So how big did you get?” Brendon couldn’t help but ask.

At the sound of his question, Uncle Chris’ grin returned, this time with a raised eyebrow. He looked down intently at his nephew without answering.


“…You wana see?”


Chris put both hands on his sweater and pulled it up moobs, revealing his humongous belly to Brendon.

“W-what are you doing!?” Brendon stuttered, unable to believe his eyes. It took all of his self-control to keep himself from lunging at it, and by the looks of Uncle Chris’ face, Brendon was sure he could tell.

“I didn’t have time to go shopping for a new shirt since I got back from vacation, so I had to put on an old one. It’s so small on me, I can’t believe I was ever able to fit into this thing!” He gave himself a pat on the belly. “Thankfully, I’ve got a big enough sweater to hide it though, so no one can tell that it doesn’t fit me.”

He took a step closer to Brendon.

“Touch it,” he demanded.

Brendon, still shocked at what was going on, wasn’t sure how to react. “I don’t understand.” He responded, wiping sweat off of his forehead. ”Why?”

“Because I think you’re embarrassed of me now that I’ve gotten so fat.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Come on Brendon, don’t play coy with me. You’ve been acting weird all night. In all the years I’ve known you you’ve never acted like this with me. You’re just so embarrassed of how much of a fat pig your uncle has gotten to be seen around him in public.”

Brendon was at a loss. “You can’t be serious, I would never be embarrassed of you, Uncle Chris!” He stated, trying to sound as convincing as he possibly could. He couldn’t tell if his uncle was serious, or if he had figured everything out how Brendon felt and was now toying with him.

“Alright then, touch it,” Chris repeated in a slow voice. (**PIC 1 GOES HERE**)

Hesitantly, Brendon lifted his arms placed both palms on either side of his uncle’s belly.

“Now jiggle it,” Chris demanded, smirking again.

“W-what!?” Brendon gasped.

“Come on,” he insisted, looking at Brendon intensely, “show me that you’re not embarrassed.”

Brendon submissively dug his fingers into his uncle’s soft flesh and grabbed bulges of fat with both hands. He shook the belly slowly at first, making it jiggle around timidly. “Faster!” Chris ordered. Brendon was mesmerized by the sight of his massive belly and moobs bouncing and plopping around. He obediently picked up the pace, shaking the belly vigorously in all direction, making every roll of fat on his uncle’s body jiggle.

When Chris told Brendon to stop, he was soaked in sweat and out of breath. He discretely brought his hands in front of his dick to try to conceal the hardest boner he’d ever had in his life. Triumphantly, he addressed his satisfied uncle.

“See?” Brendon said, panting. “Told you I wasn’t embarrassed!”

“Don’t sweat it kiddo. I always knew you weren’t embarrassed” Chris revealed.

“You did…? Then what did you make me do that for?”

“…Just to tease you. Besides, seems to me like you enjoyed it!” he said, winking back at Brendon.

Brendon blushed. “Guess I got a little carried away, sorry about that. I must’ve completely wrinkled your shirt, too.”

“It’s all right, it’ll probably be the last time I wear it anyways. It used to fit me before I left on my last trip when I was about 350 pounds. Now that I’m over 500, I definitely need to get myself a new one.”

“…You weigh over 500 pounds?”

Chris laughed at his nephew’s reaction as he started walking back towards the restaurant. “You coming?” he asked.

“Nah, you go ahead. I just need to make a call first, I’ll be right there.”

“Alright, see you in a bit,” he said as he walked away.

Alone at last, Brendon sat himself down on the edge of the sidewalk. He needed a moment alone catch his breathe and calm himself down. Making sure no one was around, he stuffed his hand in his pants and grabbed his rock hard dick.

“Man, any longer and I would’ve creamed my pants right there in front of him!” he muttered to himself. He wiped the sweat off his forehead, got up, and finally started making his way towards the restaurant. Once there, he was relieved to find that he hadn’t been seated beside his uncle after all. Even more relieving was the fact that Chris made no mention of their encounter the entire night, and acted completely normal every time they spoke.

“Thank God… maybe he really didn’t realize after all.”
Finally decided to start writing a story! I don't know how many parts it'll be when it's done. So far I've only written the prologue and nothing more, so don't expect the all the other parts to come out one right after the other. What will most likely happen is that I'll keep trying to post a sketch or two each week, and whenever I'm done another part of the story I'll put it up, so it might be a while between each part.

Apologies if the prologue may be a bit too long. This is my first actual story I've ever written for Spike4646, so please let me know what you think. Criticism/comments are more than welcome :)

***Also apologies if people are not comfortable with the idea of a person being attracted to a family member. The point of this part was just to present Brendon as a closeted fat admirer. There won't be any incest/anything similar occurring in the rest of the story.

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Keep up the great work! this is not a request but seeing more from the guys in spring break(which u expressed a liking for) or construction porkers would be awesome
spike4646 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I'd really love to do both, but I'm limited by how little time I have to draw in a week. Eventually I hope to make that happen :)
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Hey spike, ur artwork is awesome and i hope you draw for as long as you can :)
spike4646 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
That's really kind of you, thanks a lot :) I'm glad you like my work!
BlackThyrel Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
Nice drawings. I always wanna try to draw a fat guy at some point but I was hard to get it right.

I have a request though. Could you draw a fat guy and a little guy with huge height differences where the fat guy force the little guy to be his slave? And the fat guy totally dominates the little guy. If you know what I mean. Maybe make a story out of it, with more drawings.
spike4646 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
Thanks for the compliment, but there's no way. Requesting an entire story is a big deal. A sketch can take me many hours up to half a day to complete, and as it stands it's already very hard for me to get just one sketch done each week. Asking for multiple sketches and with a story on top is just really too much work for the scarce amount of free time I have, sorry.

If you want to see what kind of requests I'd be willing to take you can check out my request page:…
BlackThyrel Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
Alright. I get it now. So here's the idea. The description below you put in 1 pic.

A fat guy in a tight singlet with a see-through nipples coming out of his shirt bullying a little (thin/skinny), effortless, powerless guy. This fat giant is like 7 foot tall. Whilst the little one is at cock level height. The little guy trembles with fear, powerless to run away. He couldn't see the giant's face. The giant was just looked him down and started to grin, with his mouth wearing down by spits. The giant could make the little guy a slave of his really easy. The situation happen in room (hotel, etc.)
ObeseNeko Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
Question: The winner of the sushi picture will be able to participate in newer pictures you do? It would be kinda unfair if the same person gets lucky and wins twice in 3 or 4 pictures.
spike4646 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
I guess that's true. I may or may not decide to add that to the rules on the next pic I decide to hold a contest for, it is pure chance after all.
ObeseNeko Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
I know that my chances to win are very low, but I can't wait for the winner to be chosen even if today is the first day xD
I liked the original picture of the series, the one of the Frat Boys, it was one of my favorites; and I like where this one is going.
Your pictures are awesome and only seem to get better.
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