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UPDATE!! by spike4646

So I have a few updates for you guys.

First and foremost a bit of bad news: I won’t be able to post sketches for a while. I’ll be taking my finals for the next three weeks, so I really need the extra time for myself. I apologize as I know that this might upset a lot of people, but there really isn’t any other way around this for me so I really hope you guys understand.

Also to the winners of the sushi contest, your prize sketches are still coming, so no worries! Replicating faces is not something I’m very good at as of yet, so it’s taking me more time than I thought. I’ve tried making your sketches a few times but haven’t been satisfied with the outcome, so I really want to take my time and make sure that your characters turn out looking as good as I can possibly make them look before I post them. Again, terribly sorry it’s taken so long!

As for what to expect on the flipside, I’m trying to address the single most requested thing that you guys have been asking me to do. Be warned though I’m still a noob at it, so I hope you guys enjoy it when it’s done. I’m hoping to show some of that work off first thing when I get done with my exams, so it shouldn’t be too long. Also, expect “The Boy Who Cried Uncle” and the “Closet Story” series to resume afterwards as well. I really wasn’t planning on adding more parts to the Closet Story series, but given how many people have asked for it, I’d be more than glad to keep it going. I’ll probably end up posting the sex scene too, but it definitely needs to be rewritten, and I also might end up adding a/some pics to go with it, so stay tuned for that as well.

In any case I just wanted to say thanks a ton for all the support, it really blows my mind that you guys are into the weird things that I draw haha. And sorry once again for having to skip a few weeks!


BIG BEAR BOUNCER by spike4646

I get a lot of requests to draw more muscle-fatties/bear characters, so here’s one such character. I have to apologize for the quality though, the sketch was pretty small so the details may look fuzzy.

Bouncer: Hey kid, you sure you’re old enough to be in here?

Guy on the right: Who you callin’ a kid? I’m 25!

Bouncer: I don’t know, you don’t look a day over 15 to me. I’m gona need to see an I.D.

Guy on the right: No way, I already showed my I.D. to the bouncer at the door! I’m not showing you my I.D.

Bouncer (Takes a couple steps forward): Oh so you think you’re a wise guy huh?

Guy on the right: (Backs up) N-no, I was only joking…

Bouncer (Keeps walking forwards): You know what I do to wise guys?

Guy on the right (Tries to take a few more steps back but backs up into a wall): …What?

Bouncer (Presses the guy onto the wall with his belly): I kick ‘em out.

Guy on the right (Pegged to the wall): A-alright, I’m sorry, I’ll show you my I.D.!

Bouncer (Grinning): Too late kid, I don’t want no trouble makers in my club. I’m gona have to take you out back and teach you a lesson. 

WORKING BELLY by spike4646

This is the third part of the Closet Story sketch I posted last week, and the sequel to The Freshman 150. Two more years have passed since the last sketch. Nathan is now deeply invested in bodybuilding. He’s 21 in this sketch, in his third year of college, and has moved into Brad’s apartment. Brad is 23 and has just gotten a job working as an intern.


Nathan (Stepping out of the shower): Hey Brad, you ready yet?

Brad: Yup, just about. I just need your help to finish getting dressed.

Nathan: Well come in then, you know I don’t lock the door when I shower.

As Nathan dried himself, he could hear Brad stomp his way towards the bathroom and open the door. He had gotten so large that he had to suck in his belly and sidestep through the narrow door frame to get into the bathroom. Nathan was expecting Brad to be almost completely dressed, but instead he came in wearing only a pair of skin-tight boxers.

Nathan: Dude, you’re not even dressed! I thought you said you were almost done!

Brad: Nope, I was hoping you could help me get dressed again.

Nathan: (Sigh) Fine, hand me your pants big guy.

Nathan grabbed the extremely large pair of pants and passed it around Brad’s legs one at a time.

Nathan: You popped the button off last time you wore it, so I had to sow it back on. I don’t think I’ll be able to get the zipper all the way up though.

Brad: Feels tighter every time I put them on.

Nathan (Laughing): I’m not surprised. Hand me your shirt.

Brad handed him a white sleeveless dress shirt. Nathan helped Brad get his both his arms through.

Nathan: You sure this is your biggest shirt?

Brad: Yup.

Nathan: I have a hard time believing that this thing fits you.

Brad: It fit fine last month.

Nathan: Yeah, last month… Alright, suck in the belly, I’m gona try to make this work.

Brad complied, and Nathan began pulling at both edges of the shirt trying desperately to get the buttons to reach the holes.

Nathan: Suck it in harder!

Brad: This is as sucked in as it gets!

After a few minutes of pulling and tugging at the shirt, Nathan finally got all the buttons to close.

Nathan: There!

Brad (Still holding it in): Can I let my belly go now?

Nathan (Patting Brad’s belly): Babe, this shirt is skin tight. The buttons are already straining so much we can see parts of your belly.

Brad: Really?

Nathan: Don’t look so happy about it. You’re gona have to keep it sucked in all day if you want to be able to wear it. Give me your tie.

Brad: Aww man, that’s gona be a long day then.

Nathan (Putting on Brad’s tie): Yup, and you better not pop those buttons off before you get back.

Brad: Why?

Nathan (Smiling): Cause I wana see it.

Brad (Playfully): Oh yeah? Well what if I wana pop my shirt at work where you can’t see it?

Nathan: Tell you what. If you wait ‘til I’m around to pop your shirt, I’ll take you to that new all-you-can-eat buffet that just opened down the street.

Brad: And if I don’t?

Nathan: Then we won’t go.

Brad: So in other words, if you see me pop my shirt we get to eat out tonight?

Nathan: Yup.

Brad (Smirking): Alright then…

And with that, Brad released his belly, which instantly set all of his buttons flying off at Nathan like machine gun. One button bounced behind his glasses and into his eye.

Nathan: …That was so hot.

Brad (Proudly): What can I say? You can’t contain the beast.

Nathan: That’s not funny Brad, now you don’t have a shirt to wear for work.

Brad: Yeah, but at least now we’re going to a buffet tonight.

Nathan: You’re such a goofball. Take off your shirt, I’ll sow the buttons back for you.

Brad smiled triumphantly and handed him the shirt.

Nathan: …Actually take off those pants too, I should probably fix them up as well.

Brad: Uh, ok.

Nathan: You know what, just take everything off.

Brad: Huh? 

Nathan (Grabs Brad’s hand and walks back towards the bedroom): Come on big guy, you’re coming with me.

THE FRESHMAN 150 by spike4646

This is the sequel to Closet Story. Two years passed since the last sketch. Nathan is 18 and in his last year of high school, while Brad is in his second year of university and had to move to another town to be closer to college.

Brad: Sorry I can’t spend time with you guys, I’ve got a ton of exams next week and I really need to study.

Brad’s Dad: It’s alright son, we understand.

Brad: Thanks for coming to see me though.

Brad’s Mom: Don’t worry about honey. We’ll be in your living room for a bit before we leave, so if there’s anything you need let us know.

Brad: Will do! 

Both Brad’s parents were larger than Brad was. As they exited the room, Brad spun his computer chair around and pretended to get back to his studies. After waiting a while to make sure they were gone, he lifted himself off his tight chair, walked over to the bedroom door and closed it.

Brad: You can come out now.

Nathan: (From under the bed) Finally, I thought they’d never leave!

Brad: Sorry about that, I had no idea they were gona visit on the day you were suppose to come over.

Nathan: No worries, it’s fine. I’m just glad I got to see you, even if we are stuck in your bedroom.

Brad: (Smiles) Yeah, me too.

Brad lends Nathan a hand and pulls him onto his feet.

Nathan: (Running his over Brads belly) Damn it Brad, you keep getting so much bigger every time I see you!

Brad: (Proudly) I know right? Just look at the size of me, I’m huge!

Brad lifts up his shirt over his moobs. He slapped and patted his belly with his strong hands and made it bounce and jiggle. Nathan slid both his hands underneath Brad’s overhanging belly and lifted it up, then dropped it and watched it bounce.

Nathan: That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

Brad: (Laughs) I knew you’d love me this size.

Nathan came closer to Brad and wrapped his arms around his belly, grabbing his love handles with his hands. Brad smiled back.

Nathan: (Leaning over Brad’s belly) Actually, I was thinking we could… you know…

Brad: ...For real? But both my parents are here.

Nathan slid his hands down into Brad’s boxer briefs and squeezed his butt cheeks.

Nathan: They’ve got the TV on really loud, I doubt that they’d be able to hear anything.

Brad (Smiling): …You sure about this?

Nathan: (Undoing his shorts’ buttons) Absolutely.


**I initially wrote a 7 page story but trimmed it down a lot so that it wouldn’t be too long. I also removed a sex scene so I wouldn’t have to flag it as mature. Let me know if in the future you would be down for that sort of stuff, I don’t want to end up accidentally alienating some people. I hope that the final story ended up ok despite the millions of modifications.

Closet Story by spike4646
Closet Story

This is an idea that's been brewing in my mind all week. It's a three part story about a secret relationship between two high school kids, Brad (a popular senior jock who is also a closeted gainer, 18 y/o) and Nathan (a sophomore nerd, 16 y/o), and how both characters develop and grow from high school to college. I really wanted to post the second sketch as well today but I couldn't finish it in time, so it'll have to be for next week. I'm really digging this series so far, and can't wait to show off fat Brad once the sketch is done :) Also just a heads up about that sketch, the story may contain mature-y things... (still unsure, I guess we'll see haha). In this sketch, Brad snuck into Nathan's house through the bathroom window to meet up with him while his parents were asleep.

Nathan: Quit knocking things down, my parents will hear us! 

Brad: Sorry Nate, your bathtub’s just too small for me! Every time I move an inch I knock something onto the floor.

Nathan: Well be careful, we can’t afford to be too loud.

Brad: Why can’t we just meet someplace normal where it’s less cramped? Like at school?

Nathan: Are you crazy? Do you know how people at school would react if they found out we were gay?

Brad: It wouldn’t bother me what people at school would think, as long as you’re ok with it.

Nathan: (In a sad tone) I’m sorry… I’m just not ready for that yet…

Brad: No sweat, I didn’t mean to pressure you or anything. We’ll both come out together whenever you’re ready. I guess I’m just looking forward to the day we can finally be a couple out in the open.

Nathan: … (Avoids Brad’s gaze and looks down)

Brad: Hey, what’s wrong?

Nathan: It’s nothing, I… I just don’t get it.

Brad: Get what?

Nathan: (Looking sad) Well… you’re the most popular guy in school. You’re super tall and buff and hot. You could get any girl you’d ever want. And you’re a senior! Me, I’m a sophomore, and… I’m just a nerd. I’m nothing special. I don’t get how you could possibly be into someone like me.

Brad: Are you kidding me Nate?

Nathan: … (Still looking down)

Brad shuffles around in the tub to try to sit upright. He places a hand on the side of Nathan's neck and cheek and brings his face closer to his.

Brad: Nate listen to me. From the first time I spoke to you I knew you were something special. To find out that you were gay and actually into me was like a dream come true. You love me for who I am. You know I’m a gainer and you’re ok with what I’m into. That’s all I could ever ask for. I’m not into any of those girls at school, or anyone else, I’m into you. And it doesn’t matter to me whether you think that you’re a nerd or not. You don’t have to feel insecure around me. I love you exactly for who you are.

Nathan: (Smiles) You’re too good to be real.

Brad: (Smiles back) So are you.

As Brad tries to change positions again, his legs hit more shampoo bottles and sends them crashing onto the floor, making a lot noise.

Nathan: Brad!

Brad: (Jokingly) I’m sorry I can’t help it, my legs are too long!

Nathan: Shhh, I think I heard footsteps!

Brad: Relax, you’re overreacting!

Suddenly a light in the hallway is turned on, which Nathan and Brad can see shining from under the locked bathroom door.

Nathan: Shit!

Brad: Looks like we’re busted. Want me to sneak out of the window so we don’t get caught?

Nathan: No, but be quiet or my parents will hear you! <Picture goes here>

Nathan's mom: … (From behind the bathroom door) Nathan, is that you?

Nathan: (Nervous) Ya mom, it’s just me.

Mom: I heard a loud noise, what are you doing in there?

Nathan: Oh I… I was just about to take a shower.

Mom: A shower? But it’s 3 a.m.

Nathan: Yeah I know, it’s late… I just… felt real gross, so I thought I would take a quick shower. Sorry if I woke you up.

Mom: But I don’t hear the shower running…

Nathan: I was just about to turn in on!

Almost instantly, Nathan leaned over Brad and turned the cold water knob. Brad, still fully clothed, is suddenly hit with a downpour of freezing-cold water.

Brad: (Opens his eyes wide out of shock) HHHHMMPH!!----

Nathan put a hand on Brad’s mouth to keep him from yelling.

Mom: What was that?

Nathan: Nothing mom, goodnight!

After a moment of hesitation, Nathan's mom walks away. When she finally turns off the light in the hallway, Nathan removes his hand from Brad’s mouth.

Brad: Dude, that’s so cold!

Nathan: I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to do.

Brad: (Laughing) I’m all soaked!

Nathan: I know, I know, I’m sorry Brad.

Brad: No worries. On the bright side though, at least now we’ve got 10 minutes to make as much noise as we want.

**Please let me know what you guys think of the story. I feel like lately my stories may have been a bit more cheesy than usual, so let me know if you guys are into it or not.


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